We understand seniors' needs of the digital market.


As of today, 180 million people above the age of 55 live in the EU. More than half of them are willing to shop online.


By 2030, we expect a general growth of the elderly population and a higher digital fluency of seniors.

Research about the seniors and digital products

The MVP development of our product was based on a thorough research plan of the senior market. In 2018, we interviewed a group of senior citizens, collecting data which lead us to a market research at the beginning of 2019. After our first feedback, we performed user testing and conducted more interviews, to gather all the necessary information about the senior market.

Digitaler App as a 2 in 1 solution

In order to create a unique UX/UI and senior-specific services, we teamed up with experienced partners like COBE, Deloitte, Grayling and Finleap to build the MVP of our DigiTaler app. While focusing on a senior friendly UX, we never addressed the customers with age related terms. DigiTaler is the beta test version of Silver Ecosystems, approved by Apple in September 2019.

Internationally recognised and validated ideas

We received validation for our business idea participating in the Innovation Program of Fiducia GAD in Germany, the Open Innovation Challenge of AEGON in the Netherlands, and the Alpha Program of the WebSummit in Portugal. We are funded by the Venture Capital firms BNL Start Partners in Budapest and Finacom Venture Capital in Cyprus as well as via EU-funding.

Feeling secure should be a priority in the digital world.

When it comes to being digital, seniors have special needs that are not addressed in the online sphere. We focus on those needs, providing age specific news and ideas, while creating a safe space for them to be in.

Digital products have to be accessible to everyone.

We understand the digital market and we understand seniors. That’s why we’re passionate about bringing those two together. Our main goal at Silver Ecosystems, is to create a place that’ll provide seniors the necessary confidence to move confidently on the Internet.


Despite the impact ageing society has on all industries, corporate product development still ignores the needs of seniors. Seeing my parents getting older, I felt a need to do something about that. That’s why I founded Silver Ecosystems together with Dr. Sebastian Glende back in March 2019. The idea was to create a digital ecosystem specifically for the population above 55 years old, and my professional background in the banking world only helped me along the way.

Thomas Buemsen, Co-founder & CEO of Silver Ecosystems

Get to know our customers

Over 60 million people in the EU, between the ages of 55 and 75, are digitally literate. They use technology in their everyday lives and are willing to shop online. However, most apps or websites don’t address seniors’ needs. We want to change that.

Men and women over the age of 55

English and/or German-speaking individuals, interested in finance and following related pages on social media.

Men and women over the age of 65

English and/or German-speaking individuals, retired and willing to get familiar with new technology.

Men and women between the ages of 32 and 45

Children of seniors that want to encourage their parents to become more digitally independent.

Vision impairment

Reduced motor skills

Hearing impairment

Age-related memory loss

Lower digital literacy

Difficulties to adapt to change

Fear of illegal access to
data and identity thefts

Frustration due to
PIN and password

Possibility of losing
control over finances

Discover DigiTaler - our flagship product for the German market

A secure online banking and eCommerce experience, bundled in one easy-to-use app. Whether you’re transferring money, shopping online or ordering a taxi, DigiTaler guarantees you the security to move freely in the digital world.

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Help seniors maintain and increase their sense of independence and general well-being with one senior specific developed service.

Banking partnership

Take a step into a digital world focused on a growing market and meet the always changing consumer needs.

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eCommerce partnership

Become fully integrated as a marketplace partner, offer your products to a valuable customer group and make a change.

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