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About DigiTaler

We integrate financial data with senior specific services and senior friendly UX to help the elderly retain a sense of independence. There are three ways to achieve that.

Online banking

All seniors have bank accounts and a desire to control their data, as privacy is important to them. That’s why we start the integration with online banking.

Digital security

We add other senior specific services that will help them build a lifelong financial and digital security.


To complete the ecosystem, we incorporate a marketplace. That way, all types of transactions are in one place.

Banking has to be safe and, above all, simple - so that you can have your finances under control.

Dr. Sebastian Glende -  CEO at YOUSE, User Research Agency

What makes DigiTaler special?

The app offers a straightforward banking and eCommerce experience, ideal for all users who want to make their lives more digital.

Accessible UX/UI

The user interface is not only clean and user friendly, but also follows the WCAG accessibility guidelines.

Banking Features

With personalized multibanking options users can keep an eye on their finances.

Senior specific services

Addressing the financial and social needs of seniors.

eCommerce Features

Banking and online shopping in one familiar setting.


Online banking

With the help of DigiTaler, customers can easily monitor their finances and keep track of their expenses anytime, anywhere. Being a senior specific service, we’ve customized everything, from connecting several payment accounts to transferring money, just for them.



Our idea behind Marketplace was to offer seniors eCommerce services personalized just for them. Whether they want to order groceries, books or just look to socialize, our Marketplace feature will make it happen.


Digital Safe

We store all important documents, mortgages, tax returns and pension plans in one place. Adding a new document is as simple as uploading a photo of it and customers can access them easily anytime.

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