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Powerful market potential

By 2030, we expect a growth of the elderly population in developed economies by more than one-third. Compared to other age groups, their per capita consumption will remain high. They’re also more urban, educated and definitely more tech-savvy than the 60+ age groups in previous generations.

Overlooked customer group

Despite the impact of the ageing society on all industries and businesses, corporate product development still neglects the needs of seniors. Their focus is mainly on millennials.

Show us the numbers

Demographic transition

According to the Statistical Yearbook, approximately 30 million people in Germany are over 55 years old. This is more than 35% of the overall German population.

Net income

That same population lives in 15 million households, with an annual net income over 515 billion EUR. This is 30% of the total German annual net household income.

High consumption

For private consumption, they spend roughly 400 billion EUR every year. This is around 32% of the total annual private consumption spending in Germany.

Banking partners

As digital banking services still mainly focus on tech-savvy millennials, very few banks incorporated senior specific services into their businesses. With DigiTaler, you provide a level of assistance and reassurance to your customers, without them having to take a trip to their local branch.

Why become a partner?

Silver Ecosystems integrates financial data with senior friendly UX to help people above the age of 55 manage their financial lives. Germany alone counts 30 million people in that age group. Become a partner and change the future of online banking forever.

You’ll save money

Branches are mainly used by elder customers. With a senior specific digital solution, banks could close their branches and save money.

You’ll gain additional revenue

Banks generate additional fees when they refer their clients to other ecosystem partners.

You’ll have satisfied customers

Existing online banking apps don’t meet the needs of senior citizens. The 55+ age group faces different challenges in the digital world every day but with DigiTaler that changes.

You’ll be socially responsible

In an ageing society, banks have to care for their elder customers too, especially in times of crisis.

Partnership models

Choose one of the following models, and join Silver Ecosystems on their mission to develop a digital ecosystem for a powerful, growing market.

Distribution partner

Your online banking app is not senior specific, but you’re not ready for a co-branding or white label solution? Become a partner and offer DigiTaler as a new service to your 55+ customer group.

Co-branding solution

Get the DigiTaler app as a part of your product family, under your banner. Release the app to your customers and take over the marketing. It’ll build your business, boost awareness and introduce you to a new market.

White label solution

Get completely white labeled with your bank’s corporate branding, logo, fonts and custom features. We’ll integrate all your products, tools and ideas and you’ll benefit from future collaborations we have with different partners.

A white label solution customized to your bank’s branding

There are many benefits of getting a white label solution for your business. DigiTaler will help you grow your brand and reputation, improve client retention and increase your revenue fast and securely.

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eCommerce Partners

Partner up with Silver Ecosystems and become fully integrated into our app as one of the Marketplace partners. Offer senior specific products and services, and help us reform the digital world of a growing demographic market.

Reasons to become an eCommerce partner

Online shopping represents roughly 13% of the entire shopping turnover in 2017 and at least 34,5% of online shoppers are in the 60+ age group. Choose DigiTaler and participate in targeting an always growing demographic market.

Increased sales 

Each new sales channel creates a new revenue stream for your business.

Additional traffic 

Participation in a senior specific ecosystem will generate additional traffic to your platform.

New customers

Online banking customers often link online shopping to banking. With DigiTaler, you’ll get access to those customers.

Social responsibility

By practicing corporate social responsibility, you are enhancing the online shopping experience for elder customers.

Are you what we’re looking for?

The idea behind Marketplace is to provide all services seniors need in one place. Whether it’s ordering home supplies, booking a trip or getting back into the dating world, our goal is to give seniors the necessary security and confidence to move freely on the Internet. We’re looking for a partner with a similar mission.

Become an investor

At Silver Ecosystems, we work on creating a safe and simple ecosystem for seniors, always having their needs in mind. Now we’re looking for investors that will share our vision and goals.

Current partners and investors

Meet the companies that are helping our mission come to life.

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